The Waking Of Mama Bear - a story for spring equinox from the Temple of Ursa

Its dark in here at the back of the cave, this is the dark that has kept me safe through the winter. In this dingy den I have slept in the arms of Mama Bear. I am Bear Clan Mama. Her musty animal smell has enveloped me as she snuffled and snored her way through the icy storms. Outside the cave in the wild lands the wind has raged and, the rains lashed and then the earth settled into an icy sleep. Inside here there were times I feared my heart would freeze in the cold creeping shadows, but I leaned into the great bulky body of Mama Bear and heard her heartbeat as she slumbered. Outside in the winter sky the dream bears Ursa Major and her cub Ursa Minor danced in the stars. Below the earth fro

Gratitude Ceremony- heartfelt fundraising firewalks

Firewalking is often done as a fundraising activity in the uk. We like to do something which stretches us beyond our usual comfort zone in order to earn sponsorship money, and firewalking certainly does this. When we firewalk we work with our fear and shadow places and the fire helps us transform them. Fire is unconditional and takes everything as fuel and with this in mind I have created a Gratitude Ceremony for all of you who are interested in booking a Bearfoot Walking firewalk as a fundraiser. This ceremony is a deepening of the usual short ceremonial lighting of the fire. We will sit in circle together and speak about our personal connection to the charity we are supporting, as we open

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