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Bear Oracle
Inspired by the love of She Bears and the landscape of the Highlands of Scotland


Bear Oracle Set in willow for sale in Te

This unique 17 piece Bear Oracle set contains symbols representing three themes :

-The 9 She Bears on the Ursa Wheel

-The Four Pawprints

-Special places in the Highland landscape which particularly hold the energy of She Bear 


Each set of Bear Oracles is made by hand and will have individualities which reflect the wood it is made from and the inspiration which moves Weeza's hands in creating it. Weeza anticipates that the symbols and meanings will evolve over time just as the landscape does. The wood is carefully chosen from the highlands, Weeza prefers to use wood from Assynt where possible and each set is labelled with the type of wood & where it came from, adding to the unique character. Sometimes the wood has lumps & bumps, delightful markings or odd shapes, this makes the Bear Oracles different to mass produced discs, Weeza believes this adds to the power of the reading when you use them, Bear guides your hand to meet the shape of the wood. Chris Goodman from Assynt Wood supplies the raw materials & Weeza hand finishes the discs and creates the symbols using pyrography. The symbols are not runes, or sami  symbols, they were created by Weeza, inspired by Bear.















The Ursa Wheel of She Bears

Close up showing 3 themes within the

Bear Oracle set

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