This unique 17 piece Bear Oracle weaves together the 9 she Bears on the Ursa Wheel, their teaching for us called The Four Pawprints and the energy of their special places on the land. Each set of Bear Oracles is made by hand and will have individualities which reflect the wood it is made from and the inspiration which moves Weeza's hands in creating it.Weeza anticipates that the symbols and meanings will evolve over time just as the landscape does. The wood is collected from the highlands and cut by Weeza, or Chris Goodman from Assynt Woods. Weeza hand finishes the discs and creates the symbols using pyrography.



Bear Oracle Readings

Weeza offers Bear Oracle Journey readings either by zoom or phone, please email to book



More about how the Bear Oracles are made....

 Assynt has an amazing community of artists and creative types , I am part of the MadeIn Assynt craft market and I get my supplies for making Bear Oracles from fellow stallholders....please check out what we do and support us....

craft market http://www.madeinassynt.co.uk/

hand carved woodland crafts http://assyntwoods.webplus.net/index.html

horn carver sutherlandhorncraft@gmail.com 


I sell the Bear Oracles at the 'Made in Assynt' craft market and in my 'TempleofUrsa' etsy shop.

Bear Oracle
Inspired by the love of she Bears and the landscape of the Highlands of Scotland
£45.00 & postage