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This page is all about stepping into the abundant flow of Mama Bear, She who feeds on the great harvest of the earth in order to, in turn, nourish Her cubs. Weeza loves building a circle of support for each other, entrepreneurs who follow our hearts and creativity to earn our living........


These people who support Weeza every step of the way with my work , they inspire and hold her. She would encourage you to check them out and support their work.....

Mandy Haggith

Katinka Soetens

Ann Harrison Bronninski

Oona McFarlane

Nicki Davey

Thank you to these people for donating

Avalon Essences & Spraysmudge

June Grimes

Katinka Soetens

Dave Phelan

Luna Silver

Lisa Newing

Richard Menabney

All at North Devon Positive Living Group

Shannon Smy





Scroll down to see testimonials and pictures of Weezas work and events

Donations and  Growth

Weeza is currently a sole trader, she dreams of caretaking a piece of land in Assynt where she can raise a Temple of Ursa & have a permanent firewalking venue.

If you feel inspired by this vision & would like to support Weeza on her journey please make a donation by clicking the paypal button below, or contact Weeza for other payment methods. Dont forget to email your details to Weeza so that she can share her gratitude with you


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This is some lovely feedback from a client about my Bear Oracle Journey Reading and a drawing of hers inspired by the experience-
'Weeza's session appealed to me as it combined intuitive reading with guided visualisation, the wonderful Highlands of Scotland and the bears. Having the reading was what I wanted and more. I felt at ease with Weeza's calm voice and her love for her specialism. I was immersed in the experience and found the reading useful, inspiring and moving.'


oracle testimonial

“Weeza’s Bear Oracle Reading was a beautifully immersive experience. I was gently guided on a journey that holds strong links to the ancient Assynt landscape, and I deeply felt connected with it and a sense of timelessness throughout the reading. Weeza’s gentleness and ease enabled me to really relax and enjoy the visual experience of meeting flow/water bear and hear her message. I strongly believe we hold the wisdom we need deep inside of us and I felt that this reading helped shift and unlock some of it – I have been flowing with creativity since, and am moving forward in an area that I was previously quite stuck in.I highly recommend an oracle reading with Weeza whether you are wanting to explore a specific issue in life or would simply like a unique visual experience of exploring the Assynt landscape” Kat

Rebar bend testimonial by Becky Johansson


As Weeza demonstrated the power of the Arrow Break and the Fire-walking rituals I could feel the adrenaline rising in me and a curiosity and dread at the same time..
When the first volunteer for the Rebar Bend found her body's 'No' to it I could feel that I would volunteer despite another part of me saying.. 'No don't do it!!' And trying to whisper a thousand fears into my head.. But my body and I were not listening to them, we knew there was something here we needed to experience, to feel, to push through..! So up my hand went and I was walking up to the bar and placing it against this soft, tender part of my throat.. Breathing my power in I could feel my force, my power rising in me and I knew I would step forward, and walk forward towards Weeza until we met in the middle.. Then I connected to Weeza's gaze and focussing fully we walked forwards and the bar bent and we met!! the feeling was amazing, my throat chakra was fully open and I could feel the connection up through my whole body, my whole energy system.  My throat was not even bruised! And I felt like the power of my voice and speaking my truth was taken to a whole new level.. Thankyou and blessings Weeza for this amazing opportunity, and I can't wait to try the Fire-walk next!

rebar demo

Tears of love and elation....

Weeza guiding Mandy and Darin into the rebar bend

Weeza demonstrates arrow break to the couples with  Priest of Rhiannon, John

Bearfootwalking talk and demo


Couples Evening  led by Goddess Temple Weddings

Last Saturday evening I was invited to share my work at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple by the amazing Priestess, Dawn Kinsella and Sharlea Sparrow who run the Glastonbury Goddess Temple Weddings. This was an evening for couples planning to get married in the Goddess Temple, the first and only place to hold legal pagan weddings in the UK. Several speakers shared about services they are offering to couples to deepen their sacred and spiritual experience of a Goddess wedding. I talked about all the SUNDOOR empowerment tools I offer with a view to weaving them into wedding preparations and ceremonies. Here's some feedback from Mandy Kay who did a rebar bend with her partner Darin.......

"There is only one word which sums up my experience of rebar bending and that's 'Awesome'. After two attempts and doubting myself, I centred myself, connected with my inner goddess and from my heart chose to let go of my fears and stepped towards my true beloved. It was an amazing and emotional achievement which left both Darin and I in tears of love and elation. Thank you Louisa for this amazing experience which has brought us even closer together in our relationship"

.....and they really were awesome, there wasnt a dry eye in the Temple, it was very powerful and moving to witness, thank you Mandy and Darin.


wedding link

Thank you to Glastonbury Positive Living Group for this lovely bit of feedback

A deep, earthy, very precious evening on Wednesday with Louisa Potter and tales of her journey and transformation with the Spirit of She-Bear.

Weezer's vibrancy, depth of spirituality and wisdom are incredibly inspiring. They have the effect of focusing one in a way that is grounding in such a profound, natural and gentle way that it allows a fullness of spiritual connection to flow through our hearts and awaken ancestral memories to our ancient land and it's creatures.

Outside, a dark, freezing, third-week-in-January evening...and yet, the town hall room was transformed into a warm cave of coziness, candlelight and togetherness as we sat circled around the beautiful altar to Bear Spirit in community and shared understanding of the depth and importance of our connecting with nature and with ourselves. It can be easy to THINK about earth connection and TALK about earth connection, but FEELING earth connection is so very different. Although things like walking or sitting on the earth are naturally extremely connecting, it is with the deep conscious awareness of our ancient connection to the land that we fully FEEL it's and therefore our power, strength and healing.


Weezer shared with us discoveries of magical elemental places in Scotland that we all now want to visit! ~ and she talked us through and demonstrated some of the processes that she guides people through on her workshops. Among other things, these help to release what is no longer needed in ourselves and to gain energy and focus for what is perfect for our present and for our paths ahead. These tools are powerful allies in our individual journeys.

Blessed with such warmth and passion for her work, one can sense the enjoyment and transformation to be experienced on Weezer's workshops, as well as the opportunity they offer to bond with others in a shared journey which take place in intuitively chosen nature settings. She has a passion for Glastonbury and for the Scottish isles, their special landscapes and the connections between sacred places.

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