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Bear Oracle Journey Readings


The Bear Oracle reading is a very different process to a traditional card reading. Weeza uses a blend of guided journey and drawing Oracles from her own unique Bear Oracle Set. Weeza offers both in-person & online readings, this describes the zoom reading experience but gives a good overall feel for what having a reading with Weeza will offer...

“Weeza is a gentle guide through the reading, and I like that the answers come to you through your own journey rather than being ‘given’ as in a traditional reading”

The bear Oracle Set contains 17 wooden discs each with a unique symbol on, they may remind you of runes or sami symbols at first glance, but they have all been created by Weeza and inspired by Bears and the Highland landscape. Nine of the discs relate to a wheel of She Bears with correspondences to the Celtic seasonal calendar, the lifecycle of bears and the elements. Four discs represent specific places on the land in the Highlands which have shown their powerful magic to Weeza, another four are the ‘4 pawprints’ – four principles which She Bear asks us to work with to be balanced and walking firmly on the earth. Weeza ensures you get the most out of your reading by helping you prepare your sacred space at home. Once you have booked, she sends an email with some simple suggestions of how to do this.

“I was given instructions beforehand and found it very easy to log on.”




The session begins with a simple grounding and centring exercise in which Weeza encourages you to connect to the landscape in which you currently live and the sky above you, then you will be asked to draw your attention to the question in your heart, the reason you are wanting to journey to the Bears for advice.

Weeza then pulls an Oracle which will guide you on the first step of the journey, throughout the journey Weeza asks you to speak aloud what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing. She also pulls various Oracles as guidance on what should happen next throughout your journey.

“Weeza’s gentleness and ease enabled me to really relax and enjoy the visual experience…”

She writes notes, partly as a record for you to have afterwards but also because the creative process of writing helps Weeza stay creatively flowing and connected to you. Then by connecting deeply to you through intuitive questioning and listening, Weeza can guide you deeply into your journey to meet She Bear.

“I really like the clarity and simplicity of the process”

This process lends itself very well to both in-person and zoom readings.

“In this very unusual covid time it was great to link up to Weeza and the experience was not at all compromised by being in front of a computer screen”









After the journey there is time for Weeza to read the notes back to you to see if it prompts anything significant for you, then she explains the meanings of the Oracle which she has pulled. There is space for discussion and the ideas usually flow back and forth.

Weeza aims for the whole process to take between 30 and 45 minutes. She follows up with an email which includes photo of the discs pulled during your reading and their meanings, transcript of your notes and any other information about other aspects of Weezas work which may be relevant to you.

“I think that Weeza has really managed to bring the experience to life even when you are not in the same room as her and I would recommend trying it out”

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