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Temple of Ursa

Achmelvich Beach

Inchnadamph Bone Caves

The Temple of Ursa is a space for all those whose hearts are called to connect to and honour the Spirit of She Bear in Brigid's Isles.

How would it be to see bears roaming this land again ? How would it be to feel the Spirit of She Bear wake in your heart ? She is sleeping below this land and as She sleeps and snores Her messages drift up through the earth....listen, listen for Her.
I have fallen deeply in love with an area of Scotland called Assynt where I sit on the land to hear Bear's messages. I dream of one day raising an actual Temple in the Highlands of Scotland and this online space is the first step on that journey. Other steps on my journey are-

creating healing workshops and ceremonies which honour She Bear and strengthen our connection to the land,

writing and blogging,

deepening my knowledge of rewilding and the lives of the bears who will return here one day,and

communicating with all of you who feel touched by Bear......x x x


Temple of Ursa Workshops 

are woven from four concepts called the

  'four Pawprints of Sleeping Bear' 

 there are four  things which Bear has asked me to share with the world and which I can ply together to create a workshop for you.......

  • Bare Bear witnessing –She shared this pawprint with me on Achmelvich beach.This is an embodied experience of what it is to be witnessed by Goddess in Her nature, of understanding the place of our physical body as part of the wholeness of Her, and then honouring each other’s bodies as part of the whole of nature.

  • Stretching to our wild extremes –She growled this to me in a storm on a failed trip to the bone caves at Inchnadamph. This is the  understanding that Bear has much to teach us about the mystery of extremes and polarity in a modern western society where sensory, physical and spiritual experiences are often numbed out and dumbed down. This paw print encourages us to stretch ourselves out to feel the whole of ourselves and honour the extreme edges .

  • Sleeping in the cave of Grandmother Bear – She told me this in the bone caves. It is about going to Her in journeywork and dreams to ask for guidance, particularly around the rhythms of life, healing disturbed sleep and eating patterns, as well as understanding the value of reflective time and doing nothing, making space to hear Her quiet whispers.

  • The Council of the Bear Clans – she gently shared this with me at Alladale, which is not in Assynt but is a highland glen where there is a vision to return bears to the land one day. This is about sitting in circle with our community, looking at how past wounding, both individual and collective, affects our authentic communication with others, hearing and honouring each other’s stories. The bringing together of the worlds of spirituality and ecological action to manifest change that She Bear is asking of us within our world.

I use storytelling, song, movement, journeywork and craft to bring you the magic of the land of Assynt and deepen your own connection to She Bear that you too can follow Her footprints to guide you onwards...........

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