Bearfoot Walking

Fire walk

A purposeful walk accross the fiery embers is an empowered step towards our future selves. Those steps help us break through old blocks. The fire unconditionally burns what we no longer need and uses it as fuel that gives us light and heat. That energetic transformation is reflected within us and we find the courage and commitment to walk towards all that burns brightly within us.

Minimum group size 15, maximum 300 people. Great for all outdoor events including festivals, ceremonies and community events.

It involves gathering the group early in the evening, then lighting the fire together at around 7.30 pm. The fire then takes around 2 hrs to burn down, during this time we go to an indoor location nearby to do the workshop which prepares us to walk the fire.....we then return to the fire in the darkness, the coals are raked into a beautifull pathway which is ready to walk......

Arrow break

Arrow breaks are  great for helping you get clarity on, and then bring your goal to manifestation...they literally bring the target into view and help you take aim. 

A good indoor option for all age groups, suitable for groups of up to 30 people.

Rebar Bend

A similar process to arrow break but working in pairs. Great for building trust and clear communication with others.Suitable for groups up to 30 people. An unusual addition to wedding or joining ceremony, helpful in couples work or where members of a group want to deepen their connections.

Glass walk

A slow mindful and meditative walk that leads you through the path of all that has been in your life so far, both the difficult sharp edges and the moments of sparkling beauty. Reflect on it all and know what it is to trust the next step you make forwards....

Suitable for groups up to 30 people and a good indoor option for events. Helpful for honoring and forgiving our past.

Bearfoot Walking can facilitate and lead firewalks,glasswalks,arrow breaks and rebar bends for your group. They are empowerment tools for a modern age rooted in ancient practices used worldwide. They each help us move forward in our own lives, and as a group, and are often used at times of transition or when we need to ramp things up a bit.For full details of each practice and, how it can help you, please read below.The workshops can be adapted to suit a wide variety of settings.Above all they are great fun to do and leave you bubbling with all the potential that lies ahead for you...... Please contact Weeza to dicuss your ideas.

Sacred Ceremony

All of the empowerment practices that Bearfoot Walking offer are easily woven into ceremony as they have such ancient roots. They work powerfully on our perceptions of ourselves and especially our bodies. They are a powerful form of practical magic. Weeza would love to weave them into your ceremony whatever your spiritual path - this work is timeless and unconditional. Weeza can also create a ceremony from scratch (grounded in her experience as a Priestess) to meet your needs.


Many people are familiar with firewalking as a fundraising event and Weeza would be delighted to support you in fundraising for your group charity event. Weeza provides information for your sponsor packs and a certificate at the end of the event. As fundraising is often related to a charity which has touched our lives, Weeza also offers the option of a gratitude ceremony as part of the firewalk where  your group participants have the chance to share their experience with, and give thanks for their charity . It may be that they have supported them through a challenging part of their lives that they are ready to move on from, or that the charity is now an active part of their lives and they are marking a commitment to it. This is a more personal and community focussed approach than that which some commercial firewalks offer. You are also welcome to fundraise at firewalks advertised on the events/workshops page - just mention this when you book.

click here for fundraising Grattitude Ceremony

Team building /group work

For young and old alike, and across all backgrounds, these empowerment tools make for an exciting and unusual team day which will leave you working together in a whole new way. Great if you need to shift out of old routines and get creative ideas flowing again......