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Priestess of Ursa

Ceremonial Firewalk and Glasswalk Leader


Weeza is following in the footsteps of She Bear.  She spends her days re awakening her connection to Bear and the memories of Bear Priestesses of this land, and ,in particular ,the highlands of Scotland. She lives in Assynt in Scotland and hears the wisdom of the great She Bear who sleeps below the land , then uses this inspiration in her Bear Oracle Journey readings and magical crafts. Weeza's work is grounded in her journey as a Priestess of Avalon and she is weaving in the magic of the ancient landscape of Assynt, where she dreams of raising a permanent Temple of Ursa, and seeing brown bears roam wild once more. She loves deepening her knowledge of all things Bear, their place in herstory and legend, their biology, conservation and rewilding, the protection of bears facing torture, and their place in our spiritual world. In 2015 Weeza fulfilled her dream of becoming a SUNDOOR fire and glass walk leader, and launched Bearfoot Walking to bring fire and glass walking magic to you. Weeza is transitioning into her crone years, watching her cubs leave the den and looking forward to having time to deepen her work. In 2022 Weeza will continue to broaden the range of places she sells her magical crafts, and offers readings. Behind the scenes she is looking for a permanent home in Assynt to offer Bearfoot Walking firewalks, and in person readings.

The landscape of Assynt

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