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Weeza is shielding at her home in Assynt until further notice. She has recently done training in how to present holistic learning online and is excited to be creating Temple Of Ursa workshops on zoom

New Beginnings

Sunday 18th October 2020
3.30 – 6.30pm
Cost £28 / Concessions £14
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‘Everyone was tired of the old stories, they all wanted a new one, a New Beginning’
But where would the new story come from…… and who would be willing to listen?
We all tell ourselves stories, and the process of finding a new story can be one of the first steps to breaking
out of past patterns, showing us new and more satisfying ways to live our lives. Join us for a playful and
creative afternoon of storytelling, embodiment and Bear Magic as we prepare to listen deeply for new
stories, and let go of the old ones that no longer serve us.
2020 has been an extraordinary year. It has thrown up so many challenges, with aspects that resonate on
both a personal and global level. Many of us will be currently in a process of change. This can be a very
exciting yet confusing time, where clearing away the old allows us to see new possibilities, revealing more
sustaining choices for the future. Letting go of these old stories gives space for new stories to form and take
shape within us. If we trust their wisdom they will help us find clarity and show us the next steps that will
take us forward.
In this immersive and online workshop, we will learn how to nurture our dreams of change for ourselves
and the world, planting seeds that will grow to become part of the New Story we wish to create.

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