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Where to buy Bear Oracle Set
& other magical makings



tir na nOg nr Glasgow

Each piece Weeza makes is unique and it takes a special kind of shop to sell this kind of work. She is very blessed to have friendships with the staff at both these shops, they know her work & have a passion for the quirky......

If you have, or know of a shop that would like to sell Bear Oracle sets, Bear Bottom Mats or other magical crafts , please get in touch. Weeza is always looking to build new friendships....


Freedom Works Kishorn


Weeza's favourite way to sell her wares is at the small markets that are held throughout the Highlands. It gives her time to have a chat with her customers, she enjoys meeting new people , hearing about their travels with Bear & through the Highlands. If you come along , Weeza will be happy to share more about her work with you. Find out market dates & locations here.

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