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Honeypot Bear is tithing it forward.

This time last year my little honeypot bear helped me choose a bear related charity which I promised to tithe to. I am happy to say that I will be sending a donation of £33.00 to 'Free The Bears'. Its not as much as I had hoped , Temple of Ursa has not made a huge amount this year because I have been investing in tech that supports the business such as 'Calendly' (to take online bookings & payments) and 'Quickbooks' (for accounting). I have been tithing it forward in my own way by putting much of my time & energy into future development, for example , I am currently getting support from Business Gateway with making the most of my tech through one to one sessions with a wonderful teacher who has given me the confidence to tackle website SEO, booking systems, and media. In the year ahead I am also hoping to work with Just Enterprise towards getting a good business plan together with a view to finding grant funding for a permanent home for fire walking & a physical Temple space here in Assynt. Its the start of a long road but Im hungry for growth as my youngest cub leaves the den this year. So if you do not see much surface activity from me , know that much is happening within and there are changes ahead. Bear Hugs xxx

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