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Touching Paws Across the Globe

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

It is a dark windy January afternoon here in Assynt but my thoughts are miles away across the globe in New Zealand. Why? Well, in December I had an email land out of the blue from my website contact page from someone called Raewyn, I have no contacts in NZ that I was aware of so I was very excited. I love it when the internet works its magic in this way. I was in the midst of Christmas family blah so gave a quick reply with promise to respond in the new year. So today I made time to read Raewyn’s website properly. I fell in love with the look of it straight away, and soon realised that Raewyn really does honour Bear too. The website is packed with interesting articles and a huge shop including Black Bear Apothecary. Raewyn also runs several online courses from the ’School of Wyksted’.

Another thing I have done today is have a lesson on improving my online & tec skills from Business Gateway. I am learning lots about how to improve my website, and so far, I have set up online booking & payment system and begun work on SEO issues. I have been putting these jobs off for years, but with enthusiastic support I am feeling good about engaging with this side of my work.

Reading the impressive Wyksted website and connecting across the globe has brought home how important this side of my work is. Keep an eye out folks and let’s see what unfolds this year….

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