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Solstice Blessings

Winter Solstice Bear is one of my beloved polar bears and She sits quietly at the north on the wheel. North bear is deep winter bear, She is frozen beneath the land. Her shaggy white coat is the frost and snow that coat our land in the winter. Her snowy presence is more strongly felt the further north you travel. So journey to her in the places of still winter snow, of long icicles, short days and of deep dreaming nights. She is as old as the cold rocks, for her bones form the very rocks themselves, She is still as stone and waiting, waiting ,waiting in the black at the back of the cave. Her stories come from a time before words, when She whispers to you on the chill north wind it is not your ears that will hear her but your bones, Her echoes of a world long gone will stir a memory that sleeps in the cave in your belly. Her heart beat is slow , so slow it is the pulse of rocks forming. She has endless patience and knows what it is to wait by the ice hole…but Hers is not the frozen waiting of fear, Hers is the waiting which brings crystal clear sharp clawed clarity, Hers is the sitting in the stillness which delivers a glittering ice gem of truth……

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