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Gratitude Ceremony- heartfelt fundraising firewalks

Firewalking is often done as a fundraising activity in the uk. We like to do something which stretches us beyond our usual comfort zone in order to earn sponsorship money, and firewalking certainly does this. When we firewalk we work with our fear and shadow places and the fire helps us transform them. Fire is unconditional and takes everything as fuel and with this in mind I have created a Gratitude Ceremony for all of you who are interested in booking a Bearfoot Walking firewalk as a fundraiser. This ceremony is a deepening of the usual short ceremonial lighting of the fire. We will sit in circle together and speak about our personal connection to the charity we are supporting, as we open our hearts and share this connection we create the energetic fuel for the fire. We will focus on how everything can be transformed to really fuel up our fundraising and take us to a place of abundance.

Sometimes our charity has been a flame of hope for us, a light in dark times and we want to show our gratitude as we move on to a new healed and light place in life, the firewalk is then our stepping forward into a new phase. Sometimes our charity has become a focal part of our daily lives, maybe it’s our children’s school, or part of our working or social lives, then it has become like the hearth fire in our world and we open our hearts in love and thanks for what it brings to us.

Weeza will work with your group to create a ceremony which suits you, for some it may be helpful to have a Gratitude Ceremony to launch you sponsorship campaign, for others it may be something which you would like to weave in on the night of your firewalk.

Whatever role your charity plays in your life, whatever motivates you to fundraise, Bearfoot Walking Gratitude Ceremony creates a deeper heart connection to your charity and the abundant flow of life which can boost your fundraising.

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