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Bear Oracle Journey

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Imagine this......

There is a quiet space where you can travel in the wild landscape within yourself and journey to meet She Bears. You can take half an hour, or more, to step out of your busy life, out of your worries and fears and be held in the cave by Priestess of Ursa: Weeza. So come and take a few moments to gather your thoughts at the altar to the Bear Goddess , settle back into the softness of animal skins and warm blankets, and breathe deeply of the scent of earth and pine. Then let Weeza guide you on an experience of travelling between the worlds with Bear magic. This experience deeply reflects the energy of great Ursa, She who holds the centre of the wheel of Bear Goddess, She who stands with back paws firmly rooted on the earth, front paws raised towards the heavens where She rides in Her starry form as we dream.

Experience this....

The experience of a Bear Oracle journey is unlike that of a traditional tarot reading, or a guided meditation. Weeza weaves the two together. To begin with she will ask you to pick an Oracle from the bag which represents a place on the landscape in the North West Highlands. She will start the meditation journey by guiding you there, portraying the landscape from her in depth knowledge of the area. Then by both staying in the meditation, and drawing further Oracles you meet the Bear Goddess and ask them for guidance and support. Some Oracles represent places on the land, some Bear Goddess, and some the lessons they have for us. As you journey Weeza asks you to speak aloud what you see and encounter and she records it in writing. Once your journey with Bears is done Weeza will read back your account and this is a great time to add anything else which comes to you to your notes. There is also a chance for a more in depth discussion about the meanings of the Oracles which you have drawn in your Oracle Journey and what they might mean for you.

Why a Bear Oracle Journey ?

A Bear Oracle journey is great for times when you need guidance or support, just as many other forms of reading. Its great when you are at a significant turning point in your life, need to make a decision or feel stuck in some old pattern and want to change. The safe, quiet space beyond the whirl of everyday life provides time for inner reflection.

Bear has strong elemental and seasonal energies. If you want to deepen your connection to those, then turn to Bear. She reflects our feminine aspects as vulnerable young cub, strong and abundant Mother and wise old Grandmother Bear. The Bear Oracles are deeply rooted in the wild landscape of the Highlands and bring you the ancient deep healing of stone and sea, mountain and cave. This is a brand new Oracle set, and a new way of working with it, yet it is all a memory of something very ancient.

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