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Bear Oracle readings in the Story Van

Christine Watkins is a weaver of story magic who I have connected to via the Goddess community here in Glastonbury. I love her unpicking and reweaving of ancient tales to find the Goddess within. Christine is bringing her beautiful Story Van caravan ( more info here to Goddess House in Glastonbury from 18-30 May. Here is what she will be bringing...

'I am feeling my way into a new offering... Story Tonics. You will be able to pop in, settle for a while under the starry-painted canopy with your feet deep in straw while I tell you a story – one to one, especially for you. Food for the soul and a tonic for the spirit!'

I am excited to be offering Bear Oracle readings from the Story Van on the following dates

Sun 21st may 10 am- 5pm

Thur 25 may 1pm-5pm

Sun 28 may 10am- 5pm

Please email me to book or find out more.

There will be other things happening in the caravan during the two weeks that it is here so please keep an eye on the blackboard outside, or pop in and see what we are up to.

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