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Lammas Gratitude

Today life is feeling rich and abundant, flowing and full. I am grateful for my returning health and energy. I am grateful for living in this beautiful place. I am grateful for my friends old and new. I am grateful for opportunities and new experiences I can feel coming.

I have been busy making special magical bundles to celebrate Lammas and Mama Bear.....

The Mama Bear Oracle consists of 3 pairs of dots which represent the 6 nipples of Mama Bear under a curve which represents Her cave den. There is an arrow showing the direction of Lammas in the wheel of the year.

At this time of year bears begin a behaviour called hyperphagia, gobbling and munching from the abundance that the land provides, laying down massive stores of fat for the coming winter and hibernation. Unlike any other mammal Mama Bear is pregnant during hibernation, she needs to eat vast amounts to sustain her pregnancy, and feed Her cubs. She is a devoted mother and feeds her cubs with rich milk for several years. She is asking you to look at what you need to fill up on to nurture your creative dreams through the dark winter months. She wants you to feel what is already full and rich in your life and celebrate Her abundance with gratitude. In this way She feeds you so that you may feed others with your gifts and talents.

The Dea Artio statue reminds me of this cycle of feeding and being fed. We see the Goddess with fruit feeding the Bear and She in turn will feed us. I can feel the balance and flow in this. Similarly in the book ' The Last Bear' ( by Mandy Haggith ) the character Coll, who is the father of the banished medicine woman says ' You know, they say that's what an apple signifies: give a gift and your generosity will always be returned.'

Abundance and gratitude flow in a cycle and go hand in hand.

Sending you rich Bear Blessings this Lammas

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