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Who is Earth Bear ?

In the Bear Oracles She is part of a wheel of She Bears, Her place is at autumn equinox and Her energy is of all things earthy. But I haven’t been feeling Her lately , my life feels unsteady, and topsy turvy right now, so out I went onto the land to find Her.

I found Her in the mud at the loch side before I swam. I found Her in the peats cut by the locals ready for the winter.

Her coat is softly shining in the low September sun. She is a big bulky brown bear walking slowly on all four paws. She has the solid tread of an animal that walks plantigrade, Her heels are down, She is sure footed, strong in Her step. Her pawprint is the baseline, the steady foothold that leads the way of the song. She shows us how to walk our dreams into reality. She leaves Her pawprints in the mud and soil for us to follow.

Her shaggy brown fur coat holds all the colours of the autumn landscape. Of leaves turning, of bracken changing to copper, tips tinged with the flame coloured berries, roots of fur the colour of peat and freshly turned soil.

Her manner is contented, She has feasted on the abundance of nuts and berries in the woods and takes one last chance to amble in the gloaming of the year. She is reflecting on the year which has passed, on the harvest of all things completed. She is the manuscript put in the envelope and sent to the publisher. She is the threads tied off and released from loom and needle. She is the pie on the cooling rack and soup in the freezer. She is harvest brought in and compost made. She is the last bolt in place, the last brick laid and the paint drying.

Her realm is all things worldly, concrete and manifest. She is calling you to be full with all that you have completed this year and to take a look at what needs to be completed before the approaching winter is upon you.

Come into your body, feel Her strong grounding and do the work of tieing off the loose ends of the year.

She is getting ready for that one stormy evening when She will retreat into the safety of her winter cave.

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