• Louisa Potter ( Weeza)

Full Moon Oracle making ....

I have spent yesterday and today working on this Bear Oracle Set and 3 pendants.

They are made from willow from Assynt and I sat and sanded them on Achmelvich Beach. The discs have amazing markings on, the pendants in particular have a ray/arrow shape radiating from the centre. It reminds me of the sun piercing clouds, or an arrow hitting a target, or even a slice of pie.....what does it remind you of?

The pawprint with double ended arrow symbol represents 'Stretching to Our

Wild Expanses' – our relationship with our body and its rhythms

The curve with wavy line symbol represents 'Achmelvich beach' -

Timeless radiance, light, freedom, permission,

wholeness, completeness, where the longing is met,

all that shines, bright self awareness, love ,

sociability,softness, sociable time with family & friends

Bear Oracle Set £45.00 plus postage

Bear Oracle Pendant £10.00 plus postage

They can be bought direct from me until Monday 7th Sept by emailing or after that they will be on my etsy shop with lots of other pendants and Assynt Sea Bells charms.

I am also lucky enough to have Bear Oracle Sets and pendants in two fantastic shops, both of which I have a heartfelt connection to. Just yesterday Freedom Works, Kishorn opened their doors, I wish them all the best , and the wonderful 'tir na nOg' just north of Glasgow also have some of my stock in their shop

If you have any questions about my makings, or would like something in particular please get in touch.

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