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Grandmother Bears Samhain Offering

Can you feel the chill in the air as we turn towards winter? Have you noticed the change in the evening light ? Grandmother Bear has been munching and crunching on the abundance that the land has to offer , and now She is settling down in the dark of Her cave for a long sleep. One the wheel of She Bear which are at the centre of my Bear Oracle Set, Grandmother Bear comes to us at Samhain. Can you hear Her call ? One of the things She asks you to do is to take time to review and reflect.......

To bring you the energy of Grandmother Bear

I am offering -

Fri 30 Oct, Sat 31 Oct, Sun 1 Nov

Bear Oracle Journey Reading


Grandmother Bear Pendant


book ahead to reserve your slot - email

The pendant symbol shows the claw marks of Grandmother Bear on the cave wall.

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