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September Newstory - a missive with news for Autumn from Temple of Ursa

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Its a rainy stormy September afternoon in Assynt and Im feeling the change of season in my bones. Many uncertainties lie ahead for us as the effects of corona virus still unfold, yet in some ways I feel I am experiencing emerging energies not unlike that which comes with Spring Equinox. My logic brain is railing against this, it is telling me to think of returning to earth and head toward hibernation. Then I remember one of the first qualities of She Bear I noticed, the strong connection between things which appear to be polarities at first glance, and between the She Bears that lie opposite each other on the Wheel of Bears , so at Spring Equinox lies -

Fire bear – walking hibernation-

flame & fire

She wants you to show yourself & shine to the world,

come out of your dark den. She is warmth, expansion,

art, creativity, passion, courage, emergence.

and now, at Autumn Equinox comes-

Earth Bear hands and feet in mud - clay & soil

She wants you to

be in your body, doing the work,

following & leaving positive pawprints,

completing projects. She is grounded action,

manifesting , solidity, coming down to earth.

When Fire Bear was calling us out of winter we were plunged into lockdown and found we had time to be still and reflect as if hibernating, all is topsy turvy as we now find ways to emerge into the world again.

I'm dancing in the whirly winds , stepping this line of tension across the wheel of the year, sometimes rocked by storms of confusion, sometimes with the wind in my sails making headway on the clear bright ocean. Here is my harvest basket of news ......

Although no longer shielding I continue to be cautious as I am waiting for a respiratory review, the good news is that I remain free from Hodgkins, and will be discharged from haematology dept in April if this good progress continues - HURRAH ! I continue to plan all my work online for the short term, hoping to meet you face to face in the spring of 2021. I thoroughly enjoyed my zoom workshop engaging with the energies of Earth Bear at Earth Mother Goddess Conference in the summer, and following on from this

Im very blessed to be part of two Autumn workshop collaborations .

On Saturday 26 September Christine Watkins and myself bring you 'A Harvest Of Footsteps' . Christine is a wonderful story teller and explorer in the world of magical tales. She will bring an ancient story of foot washing and a bold girl to the heart of our workshop, and together we will explore the footsteps we have taken through the last year and find the magical shoes which will carry us forward.

On Sunday 18 October Alex Sandys, Annie Sheppard (who created this beautiful image), and myself bring you 'New Beginnings, dreaming our way into the new story' ‘Everyone was tired of the old stories, they all wanted a new one, a New Beginning’ But where would the new story come from…… and who would be willing to listen? We all tell ourselves stories, and the process of finding a new story can be one of the first steps to breaking out of past patterns, showing us new and more satisfying ways to live our lives. Join us for a playful and creative afternoon of storytelling, embodiment and Bear Magic as we prepare to listen deeply for new stories, and let go of the old ones that no longer serve us. Click the pdf flier below for full details and booking.

Flier V2
Download PDF • 860KB

I am have collected plenty of supplies during my lockdown walks and will be creating Bear Oracle Sets and other magical items as the days lengthen.

I am excited to have been given the opportunity to take part in a new leadership programme called Leading For Good, led by Nicki Davey at Saltbox. It feels very timely , as I am taking some time to get clarity on what the next step is for Temple of Ursa and Bearfoot Walking. When I moved to Scotland three years ago I had a clear idea in mind of how my work would unfold. This plan has been completely erased by the unexpected life event of a cancer diagnosis which changed the way I work & where I live. Then came my eldest daughter going to college, the power of menopause, and now covid 19. Coming out of all these changes has led me to a deep slow healing, as part of this I've realised I am hungry to learn and connect in new ways. I have come to understand that at this point in my life I have a clean page in front of me on which to draw a new plan for my work. I'm hoping that as I move through the Leading for Good programme I can also build a creative imaginative business plan for a new way forward.

This reflects the idea I began this blog with, I'm feeling like its a new term for me, I have a shiny new laptop, lovely new stationary and the promise of learning ahead, yet the learning I yearn for requires slowing down and turning inwards , digging deep into the compost of these past few years to nurture the seeds that the Temple will grow from.

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